Litecoin progresses its mainstream adoption

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CCN argues that litecoin (LTC) and bitcoin (BTC) are the only cryptocurrency pushing for mainstream adoption.

To that end, Charlie Lee, litecoin’s founder, has signed a partnership with, a blockchain-based hotel-booking platform. Travala is a blockchain-based company and represents a use case that can serve as a model for future deals. Gerelyn Terzo writing for CCN states that if the litecoin payments at Travala take off, then Expedia, a travel giant, may end its refusal to accept bitcoin for payments. While Travala may not have reached Expedia’s grip on the market, it already has a portfolio of nearly 600,000 properties spread across hundreds of countries and territories.

Charlie Lee made a statement about the partnership: “We are excited to work with to make it easier for Litecoin users to #TravelWithLitecoin. Nothing aids mass adoption more than real-world use cases, and the opportunity to use a global currency like Litecoin to travel around the world is a powerful one.”

How travellers benefit from using LTC and Travala

Travellers can slash 40% of their hotel costs by paying with Litecoin on And to get the service up and running, Travala is partnering with the Litecoin Foundation at the forthcoming Litecoin Summit the Blockchain Week in Las Vegas this autumn. Travala is also the official partner of the Bitcoin 2019 event, serving attendees hotel-booking requirements at both events.

Litecoin, which is the fifth-biggest cryptocurrency, has more than doubled its value year-to-date. Terzo believes this is a reflection of a new-and-improved Litecoin Foundation that is taking control of its destiny even if the project is decentralized. Furthermore, Charlie Lee’s vision for LTC has always been that it would outperform BTC on speed and costs, and he appears to have achieved that: the release of Litecoin Core v0.17.1 resulted in a lower default transaction fee, which LTC users applauded on social media. Litecoin said in a statement, “The default minimum transaction fee -mintxfee has been lowered to 0.0001 LTC/kB after relaxing the minimum relay and dust relay fee rates in prior releases.”

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