Malta launches new Bitcoin ATM

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Market experts and blockchain enthusiasts crowded round a new ATM at the Quicklets office on Malta’s Sliema seafront. All of them wanted to see how the island’s first bitcoin ATM worked.

The Times of Malta reported the launch of the ATM, created by Moon Zebra, a Maltese start-up that specialises in the set-up and operation of cryptocurrency ATMs. The report explains, “This ATM allows users to both sell and purchase cryptocurrencies in real time and currently offers bitcoin and litecoin.”

It means “Individuals who have never traded in cryptocurrencies have the facility to set up a virtual paper wallet and would be supplied with a public key and private key, which in traditional banking would equate to the IBAN and password to access their account.”

Quicklets, as you may have guessed, is a property letting company in Malta, which does make you wonder why its office was chosen for the location of the bitcoin ATM. Quicklets founder and CEO Steve Mercieca explained: “Quicklets has always been at the forefront of supporting new technologies in the market. This is the second cryptocurrency ATM the QLZH Group is hosting in its offices. We believe that this is a vision in the future showing us what one day will become an everyday means of transaction.” He added, “When we were approached by Moon Zebra to set up this ATM in our head office we were immediately convinced as this falls perfectly in line with the prop-tech strategy we run our business on.”

Quicklets’ business development and marketing manager Hauke Eggert also commented on the event saying, “It is very exciting to work for a company like the QLZH Group that embraces innovations such as these. We are now very eager to facilitate the first blockchain transaction in local real estate.”

Malta’s position as a cryptocurrency-friendly jurisdiction continues to move ahead at speed. No doubt we will be hearing about more advances from this small island in the Med.

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