Max Keiser is still backing Bitcoin

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Max Keiser is a known bitcoin champion. In a recent episode of the Keiser Report, his show on, Keiser started out by mentioning he would soon be talking at a bitcoin event and pointed out that there were a number of things people needed to understand about the leading cryptocurrency: “Bitcoin is on its own journey and it has a way of making people who challenge it look really stupid. In the bitcoin space, of course, you have Craig Wright, you had Roger Ver, you had Mike Hearn, these type of people who suffer from bitcoin derangement syndrome. Now in the past couple years you’ve got Nouriel Roubini, Paul Krugman, and a few others that are in mainstream economics who are looking really stupid because they never took the time to investigate what bitcoin is all about.”

Keiser also hinted that a “state actor” would soon be involved in mining bitcoin for “strategic reserve purposes.” He also believes that countries will soon be competing with each other for hashpower in their efforts to control the bitcoin network. He said, “The hash wars will be played out on a state level and that’s what will take us to new all-time highs.”

Keiser’s view on this is a radical one. As CCN asks, “If the majority of hashpower is controlled by state actors, would the people who’ve secured the Bitcoin network financially for so many years have such an interest in it?” After all, it is their interest in buying and selling crypto that determines what we see as the price.

Keiser, who is always bullish on bitcoin, also has a specific view about how bitcoin will reach his old prediction of $100,000 per coin. He believes governments will take a more active role in it, and this will push speculation higher. However, government involvement goes against the ethos of bitcoin. However, as CCN says, Keiser has been right about bitcoin-related predictions before, and he may be again.

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