McAfee chooses Cuba for campaign HQ

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John McAfee, ‘bad boy’ and Bitcoin millionaire, is a fugitive wanted for tax evasion by the US government, and his story just got even weirder: he has chosen Havana, the capital of Cuba, as the location for his campaign HQ. What is he campaigning for? To be President of the USA, of course.

The irony in choosing Cuba cannot be overestimated. This country is the ‘bete noir’ of the US administration, and while travel there for Americans had been relaxed by the Obama administration, the Trump one has closed the doors again.

As CCN reports, “McAfee made the revelation on Twitter, where he announced his “Campaign in Exile” under the banner of the Libertarian Party. He also claimed that he was forced to make his headquarters in communist Cuba because he’s “being politically persecuted” in the United States.

In earlier tweets, McAfee ‘scorched’ the US government, as CCN puts its, saying it has enslaved its citizens: “Our government has turned us all into slaves, we are fed a constant stream of propaganda. Our key to financial freedom — cryptocurrency — is under attack…Wake up America!”

As CCN says, This is not the first time that McAfee has trashed the U.S. government. Two weeks ago, the software mogul launched a dizzying tirade, where he warned the government to leave him alone, or he will “f***ing bury them.”

He has also warned, “that if federal agents pursue him, he’ll drop several bombshells that’ll reveal mass corruption within the government.” These will apparently amount to 31+ terabytes of information.

However, from the perspective of the IRS, the US tax agency, McAfee is a legitimate target, as he personally admitted that he hasn’t paid taxes in almost a decade. McAfee argues “that he has paid more than his fair share of taxes throughout his long career, so enough is enough.” There are probably many people who feel the same way!

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