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John McAfee may have fled the USA, but that won’t stop him from running in the 2020 Presidential campaign. The crypto advocate made a video statement on Twitter, claiming that he had left the country because he is being indicted by US tax authorities. He plans to run his campaign from a boat that is somewhere in international waters.

McAfee is one of the most controversial characters in the crypto world and for some time has voiced his political ambitions. He claims that a grand jury had been convened against him by the Internal Revenue Service, but doesn’t know what the allegations are. If you spot similarities between McAfee’s use of Twitter and the current president’s, perhaps he is in with a chance.

Of course, McAfee openly acknowledges that he hasn’t filed a tax return for eight years, which in the case of any average citizen would have consequences. Quite why he believes he might get away with it is a mystery. He certainly feels victimised, tweeting, “The IRS has convened a grand jury in the state of Tennessee to charge myself, my wife […] and four of my campaign workers with unspecified IRS crimes of a felonious nature.”

Apparently he plans to use proxies in the USA to conduct his campaign while he sits on his boat in waters where the US can’t touch him. Of course, if he did get elected he’d have to put his feet back on US soil, which would mean immediate arrest. Whatever happens, it’s certainly going to be fun to watch!

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