McAfee sends out bitcoin debit cards

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John McAfee certainly has a knack for grabbing the headlines, and he certainly does provide some entertainment on an average news day. The McAfee headline this week announces that he has sent bitcoin debit cards to 20 members of the media, as reported by CCN.

He tweeted to those select members of the media: “You are free to keep the cards or return them. Use them anywhere. Load them directly from your smartphone wallet.”

And as CCN says, if you’re not a member of the media don’t worry; McAfee’s cards will be available to the public in a few weeks. But, what is he up to?

As CCN points out, McAfee is on the run from the IRS and is hiding somewhere in the Caribbean. It says, “While it isn’t likely, it is fun to imagine that these 20 cards given to members of the “established” media might be part of a diabolical plot.”

Imagine, CCN says, that there “is some spyware on the card that allows him to gain access to the mainstream media and send out an advertisement for his presidential run.”

Having bitcoin on your phone may also be a bad idea. Indeed, who was it that urged us to dump our smartphones because they are watching us? It was John McAfee! He has also talked at length about how easily hackable and filled with spyware smartphones are.Yet his debit card is directly loadable from your smartphone. So the question is, why he would expect people use his card when he would never make such a leap of faith himself?

CCN remarks that while this story is all good fun, what is McAfee really doing? It suggests he is giving the cards to the media so that they will use them and then write positive stories about the product. It says, “In this sense, it does seem like this card is a legitimate attempt to crack the crypto debit card market early,” and adds, “Maybe John McAfee does care about bitcoin adoption after all.”

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