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Following the announcement that Coinbase has listed the Ox ZRX token, there are now rumours that the Basic Attention Token (BAT) will be next to be added to the exchange.

BAT is the native token of the Brave browser and it is designed to transform digital advertising. In an online environment where consumers are deluged with adverts based on data collected by websites and social media channels, Brave and BAT offer an alternative where users can block ads completely, pay to see different adverts, or simply view regular ads and earn BAT tokens as a result.

Basic Attention Token uses the Ethereum blockchain to issue and distribute BAT tokens. This token can be freely exchanged between publishers, users, and advertisers. However, the BAT token only works within the Brave browser itself, as it is not integrated into Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer at the moment, although this might change.

According to The Merkle: “Over the past 24 hours, the Basic Attention Token price has risen by just over 12%.” It points out that this is an interesting development, when compared with other altcoin market activity today. BAT has also seen a 12% gain over both Bitcoin and Ethereum, and due to these gains, the value of BAT has passed the $0.2 point already and the target is $0.25 this week, according to JP Buntinx.

Market watchers are convinced BAT will follow ZRX on to Coinbase, even though the exchange has not made even a hint of an announcement about the possibility. What is likely is that the price will surge when the listing is announced, although there is likely to be some price correction later on.

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