More fake news and a fake bitcoin platform

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Cointelegraph reports, “Scammers are using fake mainstream news articles to advertise a nonexistent and potentially dangerous Bitcoin investment platform.”

According to the press, “The site, economicsworld[dot]info, includes testimony from the likes of actress Kate Winslet and Australian businessman Andrew Forrest, also known as Twiggy, not to be confused with the famous British model of the same name.

The scam website features alleged backing from Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Bill Gates, and as Cointelegraph says, “Bitcoin Profit is one of the more brazen scams to emerge from the cryptocurrency underworld.”

It has been noted that each celebrity has a feature with their photograph, along with a balance sheet of alleged investments in Bitcoin and associated returns. However, the sharp-eyed will spot that “The balance sheet appears identical for each star, with only the currency symbol changing. In one week alone, perpetrators claim, buying $10,394 worth of BTC netted a return of $421,226 — or 4,110%.”

British newspaper The Daily Mirror contacted actress Kate Winslet to inform her about the scam and she has complained about the use of her image without permission along with the false statements.

“This misleading promotion is completely disingenuous and categorically false. We are dealing with this through the appropriate channels,” the publication quoted Winslet’s spokesperson as saying.

Cointelegraph reminds us that Bitcoin Profit is reminiscent of the ongoing scam operations that plague cryptocurrency accounts on Twitter. Especially those using fake entities impersonating well-known figures from the industry, which are attempting to fool crypto novices into participating in fake giveaways.

As the press say, scammers are busy exploiting the general lack of technological knowledge about cryptocurrencies and playing on FOMO — Fear of Missing Out — as well as the regular emergence of new schemes that may confuse retail investors, otherwise known as the general public.

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