Most important crypto events of 2018 — an expert view

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Now that 2018 is over, most people in the crypto related industries are hoping that 2019 will be quite different. This is not to say that 2018 was all doom and gloom, there were some important positives as well. Some experts in the industry have given their views about what they think were the most significant events of 2018 apart from the bear market, which is the one that has dominated the headlines, because it hit everyone the hardest.

On the upside, several major firms moved into the crypto space, such as Bank of America and the Richline Group, as well as Samsung and Tencent. Fidelity, one of the world’s biggest asset managers also announced that it would offer crypto custodial services. Furthermore, Coinbase, one of the biggest crypto exchanges significantly expanded its product offering, indicating that it has faith in the market.

Tone Vays — expert trader and Bitcoin believer:

“I think the biggest event of 2018 has to be the declining price of not only Bitcoin but the entire space of the crypto assets. To me, this is significantly different than what happened in 2014 or ’15. I believe that this time around, the altcoin bubble has burst and will not return. I think that’s going to be the big difference.”

Jimmy Song — Bitcoin educator at Programming Blockchain:

“I think the 10th anniversary is significant. […] There’s some credible scarcity to Bitcoin that I think people underestimate sometimes. Having something proven over time is a very good thing and more people will come in for that reason.”

Paul Veradittakit — partner at Pantera Capital, a crypto VC firm:

“I think one significant event was basically Bakkt announcing that they are launching. I think that is significant because if we want to see prices increase, I think institutions are going to be a huge part of that.”

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