Opera browser gets built-in crypto wallet

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The Opera browser is releasing a “Web 3-ready” Android browser with built-in cryptocurrency wallet, according to Coindesk and the Opera press release.

Coindesk says, “Opera for Android supports ethereum’s ether and other tokens using the network’s ERC-20 standard. The app also provides support for crypto collectibles (ERC-721 standard) such as CryptoKitties, as well as ethereum-based decentralized apps, or dapps, that can be accessed from the wallet.”

Charles Hamel, the product manager of Opera Crypto, said in a statement, “Until now using cryptocurrencies online and accessing Web 3 required special apps or extensions, making it difficult for people to even try it out. Our new browser removes that friction.”

Hamel also told Coindesk that while the new product is similar to the beta version it used to pilot the concept, the firm had taken feedback on board and updated the app’s user interface “significantly,” because it needed to reach a much wider audience. To that end it uses much simpler language and a simpler interface. The steps needed to access the wallet have also been reduced.

Opera decided to support ethereum, because it has the “largest community of developers building dapps and has gathered a lot of momentum behind it.” He also said that Opera had received feedback from developers wanting to ensure their dapps works as intended in the browser and that as a result “we have better stability and better dapp compatibility,” and added that the wallet is “much more secure than a browser extension.”

The Android browser is now available in the Google Play store and Opera plans add similar updates to its full desktop browser for Windows, Mac and Linux some time in 2019.

Krystian Kolondra, executive vice president for browsers at Opera, said in a statement: “Our hope is that this step will accelerate the transition of cryptocurrencies from speculation and investment to being used for actual payments and transactions in our users’ daily lives.”

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