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After a long period of due diligence and Lendo’s stringent fundamental objective to find a card provider who could deliver not only to Europe, but to Asia and other parts of the world, we have finally partnered up with the right supplier who can meet all our requirements. We are now in the process of setting up the programme with a view to going operational and commencing delivery of the cards within the next 2 months.

As a card holder, who is also KYC registered and has deposited crypto as collateral in our Crypto Vault, you will be able to access ‘instant’ loans via both conventional bank transfer and ATM’s once the platform goes live. Furthermore, the cards can be used to pay for both online and offline purchases — once it is all fully operational.

You can find details regarding the available cards when you sign into your Lendo account and go to the Dashboard and click on the Platform button. You will be able to see the daily spending limit, daily ATM withdrawal limit, card issue fee and annual fee, as well as the credit limit, which is a percentage of the cryptocurrency each card owner has lodged as collateral.

You’re under no obligation to take the card
We’d also like to remind all those who pre-applied for a card that you are not under any obligation to take the card when we issue them. We will offer you the card, but you can cancel your request at any time. And, please note, we will only charge you the card issue fee when you have acknowledged that you still want the card and the card has been issued to you.

If you haven’t applied for a card yet, now is the time to do it — sign up at lendo.io

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