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Podcasts have become one of the most popular ways of catching up on important information and its goes without saying that the fintech sector has quite a number of these podcasts competing for attention. We’ve selected some of the most popular of 2019, with help from Techbullion.

Breaking Banks

Breaking Banks with Brett King, not only has a great name, it was one of the first ever fintech podcasts. The host is one of the most important fintech experts worldwide, and is also the author of four best sellers. Being so well-viewed in the world of fintech, Brett regularly invites important guests from the field, engaging in captivating and witty conversations. The show is listened to across more than 170 countries, with an audience that exceeds 5 million people.

Fintech Insider by 11:FS

Fintech Insider is a tri-weekly show, hosted by Jason Bates, David Brear, Simon Taylor, and Chris Skinner from the City of London. It’s a live, conversation between the experts, who cover the latest developments and trends happening in the sector. Guests include big names from the fintech and banking industry, with a focus on disruption.

Around the Coin

Around the Coin is an award-winning podcast that airs weekly. It has been created with the objective of providing entrepreneurs with a different perspective on business growth in the industry of payments.

London Fintech Podcast

The London Fintech Podcast has become one of the oldest and most popular shows revolving around fintech, having launched in 2014. It is listened to in 170 countries and hosted by Mike Baliman who started the podcast with the aim of informing and entertaining the audience. Each episode lasts from 40 minutes to one hour, and has guests from UK financial institutions and fintech startups

These are just a few examples, but there is a good reason that they are the ones that have lasted the longest and grown the biggest audiences. We hope you enjoy our small selection.

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