Samsung Galaxy S10 boosts Enjin Coin

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Enjin Coin (ENJ), a crypto asset native to a gaming-suited blockchain network called Enjin, spiked by more than 150 percent over the day. And, against BTC at its daily peak, Enjin Coin surged from 0.00000958 BTC to 0.00002943 by 207 percent within a 24-hour span, CCN reports.

This remarkable boost for ENJ is attributed to its being listed on the native crypto wallet of the Samsung Galaxy S10 alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cosmee. However, ENJ is only ranked at 58 in the global market, despite its 200% surge against bitcoin. It is also relatively unknown compared with the leady cryptocurrencies, but it looks like its availability on the latest Samsung Galaxy is exposing it to a bigger market. But, although Enjin might not be so well known in crypto circles, it is one of the leading protocols in the blockchain gaming space that enables developers to efficiently deploy blockchain-based games.

CCN says, “It is possible that Samsung and its blockchain development team showcased ENJ as a part of the launch of the Samsung Blockchain Wallet because of the team’s belief that blockchain technology has the potential to perform outside the realm of finance.” In its official tutorial, the Korean smartphone manufacturer emphasised the fact that he blockchain can be used in many areas including game items storage.

The tutorial, translated from Korean, read:

“The blockchain is a new method that enables every user to store and process data in a decentralized ecosystem, and it is used in many areas. [Such areas include] secure distribution information confirmation, insurance and contract verification, copyrights management, content distribution, game items storage, crypto assets storage, and cryptocurrency transactions.”

Enjin has been busy promoting itself in the Korean gaming market and it is believed that this may have encouraged an unofficial partnership with Samsung. Danbee Lee, a representative at Enjin wrote, “After our presentations, many projects and attendees approached us to learn more about the Enjin Platform and discuss potential cooperation, and we were frequently complimented for creating an ecosystem that allows for immediate application and real-life use cases.”

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S10 is working well for Enjin.

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