Samsung to launch a crypto phone with wallet

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Samsung plans to launch its own cryptocurrency service along with the new Galaxy S10 smartphone some time in February. According to a number of online sources, images of the S10 have been leaked and they show the device running a Samsung Blockchain Keystore app. Website describes what its writers have seen: “One of them is a splash screen of the app, which notes that Blockchain KeyStore “is a secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency.” The app will allow users to import their existing cryptocurrency from a previous wallet in addition to creating a new wallet.”

It adds, “In the image, Ethereum is listed as a supported cryptocurrency but according to Sammobile the app will support Bitcoin, Ethereum-derived token ERC20 and Bitcoin Cash at launch.”

Eagle-eyed viewers have also spotted that in the biometrics and security section of Settings there is a menu item for Blockchain Keystore; this would allow users to manage their blockchain private key securely.

SamMobile has also issued a report stating that a cryptocurrency service would be in two parts: a cold wallet for digital asset storage plus public and private keys storage and the private key signing mechanism for transactions. The second part would be a crypto wallet where users could view their account information and transaction history.

The leaked images also reveal other aspects of the latest Samsung Galaxy, one of the world’s most popular smartphones: in the S10 the bezels are non existent and there’s a punch-hole front camera on the top right corner of the display, for starters. The Galaxy S10 an S10+ are expected to launch on 20th February. The S10 will come in two versions; 6GB and 8GB, while the S10+ will have an additional 12GB model.

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