Seoul to issue S-Coin rewards for residents

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The South Korean capital Seoul is establishing blockchain-based administrative services and residents will be able to reap rewards for using it.

According to Coindesk, three priorities have been set for completion by the November deadline. First, the city’s blockchain points system will be introduced and Seoul residents will receive S-coins for the use of public services, such as paying taxes and participating in public opinion polls. They will then be able to redeem these points for rewards

Seoul’s point system will be integrated with ZeroPay, a city-government sponsored QR-code-enabled network and allows customers to pay for goods and services using their phones.

The second priority is a blockchain service for submitting qualifications without paper documents, whilst the third is the enhancement of the Seoul Citizens Card with blockchain technology to enable digital authentication for the use of public services.

The city also has a blockchain-based plan for its part-time workers rights program. The blockchain-based system will allow part-time and temporary employees to sign simple contracts with employers, keep track of their work histories, and maintain time sheets. It will also help them properly register for the county’s four major social insurance programs.

Other programs mentioned but not with year-end completion deadlines include smart healthcare, donation management and online certificate verification.

Although the blockchain services will be controlled by the city, they will be operated by private enterprises.

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