Seven bitcoin fans complete Satoshi Freeathlon

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Seven people love bitcoin so much that they ran, biked and swam their way across Europe to promote the cryptocurrency.

According to Coindesk, “The first “Satoshi Freeathlon” officially finished this weekend, in which a group of seven bitcoin enthusiasts flexing their athletic abilities by journeying from Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley” in the tiny city of Zug, Switzerland, to Munich, Germany — a 221-mile adventure in total.”

Dubbed Team Satoshi, the team embarked on the quest in an attempt to raise more positive awareness of bitcoin. Vitus Zeller, a German who started the project with a 10-day adventure of his own dubbed “Tour de Satoshi,” inspired the event. Zeller used bitcoin to pay for his hotel stays as he biked across the country. Zeller’s idea was to promote the values of bitcoin, including freedom of information and privacy, in a new way. “Bitcoin needs all kinds of voices that make people get curious about it,” he said.

And as he commented, sports have a good image. Zeller said, “Sports is a deeply emotional topic for humans. For thousands of years, sportsmen have been admired. Emperors in ancient times, as well as rulers in modern times, have been using sports for political reasons.”

It took months of training to prepare for the event that started with a one-day triathlon, including a 2 km swim followed by a mountain bike ride. Day 2 was a swim across the Bodonsee, a lake where Austria, Switzerland and Germany meet. Measuring 12 kilometers in distance, it took the crew five hours to cross. Once across the lake, the team started Day 3 by cycling 190 kilometers (about 118 miles) from Friedrichshafen to Starnberg, cities in Germany.

The last day was a marathon, running and sweating all the way to Munich. Then they hit the pub for a welcome celebration once they crossed the finish line. Presumably they paid for their beers with bitcoin!

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