Stormy Daniels adds crypto rewards to her website

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If you don’t know anything about Stormy Daniels acting career, you probably do know that she alleges she had an affair with Donald Trump, the controversial president of the United States.

She has some pretty savvy people around her, especially her Rottweiler of an attorney Michael Avenatti, who is making a name for himself by going after both President Trump and his former legal counsel, Michael Cohen over alleged payments to Ms Daniels, which may have come from a payment possibly made by a Russian oligarch who is close to Russian president Vladimir Putin. It’s more Hollywood than Hollywood! There must be a scriptwriter out there somewhere who is busy creating a blockbuster based on the story of a president and a porn star.

Today, Stormy Daniels is in the news again, but for an entirely different reason. She is adding cryptocurrency to her official website in order to encourage users to buy more content. If you want to know what that content consists of, you will have to pay a visit to her site.

According to a press release issued at the weekend, Ms Daniels has partnered with Vice Industry Token (VIT). VIT was created specifically for the adult entertainment industry, and on the Stormy Daniels’ site it will be used to reward site visitors for watching videos. Tokens earned can then be used to access premium content, or to purchase services at other sites supporting the token.

Darkreach Communications manages the actress’s website and will also be rolling out VIT incentives across its other 20-plus other adult websites, according to the announcement. Its president, Rob Murray said:

“With VIT, everyone is going to make money — from the users on my sites, to myself and the performers. The way the VIT blockchain works, we all get a piece of the token, and the guaranteed genuine data is the icing in the cake.”

Cryptocurrency is making advances in the adult industry, as might be expected because of its anonymity factor. But, it also harks back to the development of the Internet, which the adult industry thoroughly exploited and at one point seemed to be the business sector that best understood the potential of the web. It also has large amounts of resources to put into the development of crypto tokens, which is a move also demanded by fans who value its privacy and convenience alike.

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