Telegram is challenged by StatX

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Monopolies are generally not a good thing in the long term, so it is unsurprising that StatX has appeared to challenge Telegram’s domination of the crypto chat space.

How will StatX be different?

StatX claims to have at least major advantage over Telegram is that the popular messaging app is “conversation-centric” while StatX will be “information-centric”, with users of the app able to “expect a well presented, simple and elegant dashboard offering company financial and status information.”

Prasad Raje, CEO and StatX co-founder described the app and it’s growing network: “Our secret sauce is the unique way StatX combines information and conversation to drive a higher quality and higher value user experience. It’s gratifying to see that our approach has been validated in the marketplace by a growing number of crypto industry innovators such as Boosto, Decred, Foleum, MediBloc, ZCoin and many others.”

A better dashboard

The StatX dashboard will highlight market cap, price, token distribution, social reach, and product roadmap milestones. It will also provide info about airdrops and bounty programmes.

Reuben Zap, COO of Zcoin, had this to say about the company’s partnership with StatX;

“Zcoin is happy to partner with StatX to deliver Zcoin price and blockchain metrics to our community via StatX. We want this to be a high-quality information and conversation channel with all parties interested in Zcoin.”

Another likely key factor in StatX’s favour is that it has measures that prevent unwanted spam and scammers. For example, API’s are only available to group admins, to ensure only wanted third-party services take advantage. And it aims to be more than a place for crypto communities, and hopes Crypto Fund Managers, Developers, and even blockchain creators, will be able to take advantage of the tools in its app.

StatX is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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