Thai political party holds elections on blockchain

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Interesting news for the blockchain community: Thailand’s Democrat Party, the country’s main opposition party, has become the first major political party in the world to carry out primary elections entirely on a blockchain.

The Democrat Party used live e-voting on the Zcoin blockchain, involving 120,000 voters. Not only is this the first time such an election has been conducted using blockchain, it was also the first time that a major Thai political party selected its leader based on the votes of all party members as the country approaches its first general election since the 2014 military coup. Previously, only party MPs voted in the leadership election, but by using blockchain, every party member was able to have a say. Voters were able to participate by either using either a mobile voting app that required photo ID submission, or attend physical voting stations that operated via a Raspberry Pi system.

Speaking about the Democrat Party elections, Poramin Insom, Founder & Lead Developer of Zcoin said:

“I am very proud that Zcoin played a role in making Thailand’s first large scale e-vote, a reality, which saw greater voter participation and transparency. I believe we’ve achieved a huge milestone in our country’s political history and hope that other political parties or even the government not just in Thailand but in the region can look to using blockchain technology in enabling large scale e-voting or polling.”

The Thai Rap

Thailand appears to be using the blockchain in a variety of ways. A few days ago, CCN reported that a Thai rap music video “Rap Against Dictatorship”, which turned into a viral sensation with more than 30 million views in two weeks. It is now considered the first piece of music on the subject of political resistance to have used blockchain technology after the government suggested it was going to ban the YouTube video. The music video uses IPFS, a decentralised file storage system, and an anonymous user saved a copy of “Rap Against Dictatorship” in a transaction on the Zcoin blockchain which is built on the Zerocoin protocol.

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