The best ways to get your Lendo crowdsale updates!

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The Lendo ICO starts this Saturday, 28th April and like any launch there’s going to be lots of questions within the existing Lendo community and from newcomers about how its progressing, how to register and so on and so forth.

Plus, Lendo’s CEO and Marketing Director are currently on a tour of Asia, giving talks about Lendo’s vision and business proposition to high-level Asian business leaders at a series of summit meetings. And that’s a story we want to share with you.

The best way to keep up-to-date with both the crowdsale and the Asia tour is by joining and following our social media channels.

It’s very easy — just go to the Lendo website and click on Community.

Register your email with us so that you receive all important newsletter updates.

We’d also recommend that you ‘Join the Conversation on Telegram’, because that is where you’ll meet other community members, and where you can ask the admins questions and get your problems solved by the admins or Lendo’s tech experts.

Please join our Facebook page and like and share posts, as this really helps us to get the message out to a bigger audience.

And if you’re a Twitter fan — you’ll find updates that you can retweet. Lendo’s Medium channel is another place to go for both Lendo and more general news, as is our LinkedIn account.

For videos, go to YouTube where you’ll find all the official videos — these ar every useful if you want to explain how Lendo works to friends who might be interested in joining the crowdsale that is about to start.

Please join us on social media for the crowdsale — follow or like Lendo today and you’ll be ready for Saturday when ELT tokens go on sale at €0.20.

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