The dollar’s death by crypto

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Alex Jones, the presenter of Infowars, his flagship show, delighted bitcoin supporters for about five seconds this week when he proclaimed the “slow death of fiat currencies, says CCN.

However, he then disappointed them by saying that the replacement for the dead fiat would be something even more terrifying: a “blockchain or Bitcoin-style system” run by the globalists.

During his show on 22nd July, he also said, “The globalists have already inflated the world currencies worse than the Weimar Republic, worse than Zimbabwe ever thought about. And so it’s a race by different currencies to see which one can stay most solvent because all the others are going to go down.”

We’re not quite in the same position as Germany was in the 1920s, but your money is worth just one-third of what it was as recently as 1980, Greg Thomson points out.

In the USA, the UK and other countries, the use of cash is taking a nosedive. In the UK, the use of cash and notes is set to fall by 21% by 2026. And Thomson claims, “Already, remote areas of the country are being affected as cash circulation drops below usable levels.”

Jones declared the death of the dollar on his show and suggested it would be replaced by Bitcoin — or a Bitcoin-style system: “Out of whoever survives, it will form the basis for the new global blockchain, bitcoin-style system. So we’re coming to the end of the age. There’s no fixing the dollar at this point there’s no going back.”

Jones has alternately supported bitcoin and withdrawn that support over the last few years. He once accepted Bitcoin donations on his Infowars website, but that option has since been removed.

But, Thomson asks an important question: ”Even among Bitcoin believers, the question remains: is BTC really the freedom currency it’s made out to be? Or is it simply the final digital pawn in the globalist endgame?”

He suggests this answer: “The only way for Bitcoin to succeed with its virtue intact is to destroy the current system — not to become a part of it. Otherwise, blockchain will be remembered as the harbinger of economic tyranny, rather than its liberator.”

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