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The Lendo ICO went live on Saturday 28th April and the response has already been very encouraging. We even had one fan purchasing his ELT while standing at the boarding gate of an airport, because he was so keen to make sure he got his tokens before he took off.

And, just to remind you, during this first phase of the ICO, there is only 170 million ELT token available and they are priced at €0.20. In the next phase they will be €0.40, so you know it makes sense to get them now.

It’s a TRILLION dollar market

The loans sector of the financial industry is a trillion dollar one worldwide and this is only going to grow. As we’ve said before, and it is worth saying it again, the Lendo answers a real world demand. As this article from the Economic Times points out; an increasing number of people are taking out personal loans, especially for big-ticket items, like a car, a new kitchen, children’s education and for medical procedures.

Lendo is answering that demand with its innovative blockchain-based platform and introducing a service that makes obtaining a loan easier for everyone. Plus, if you have ELT tokens, you can get a loan against them and use them to pay the fees for the loan.

Lendo is taking a regulated route

Added to this, Lendo is following a REGULATED pathway in this new financial era that uses blockchain technology. Therefore, as an ELT token owner you have an added layer of security, because Lendo is working with regulators and licensed lending companies. Plus, Lendo has also gained the services of a major insurance company, which adds another layer of security for ELT owners.

Lendo’s platform will also ensure that loans are agreed and in your account faster than in the ‘conventional’ world. It can take days to get a loan through using the traditional route, but with Lendo’s technology, its network of lenders will be able to complete the transaction in minutes.

Also, ELT token holders will be able to participate in the Token Loyalty Rewards programme, which will reward you by distributing 30% of Vault fee revenues in ELT, pro-rata to your holding and the total number of tokens in circulation.

You will benefit by being part of Lendo

These are just some of the reasons to join the Lendo ICO — especially in its first phase which is happening right now, because by buying ELT tokens now, you’ll have access to a secure, regulated lending service for only €0.20 per token. The minimum investment is ETH 0.12. Plus, there are many other benefits, like an e-wallet, debit card and the potential to make even more from your ELT when Lendo is listed on exchanges.

Make sure you buy now, before the 170 million ELT for €0.20 sell out! Don’t miss the plane: the buyer on launch day didn’t; he made sure he got his ELT before his plane took off.

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