The return of Capt Kirk to Star Trek could benefit crypto

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The CCN headline wins the prize for being one of the more unusual ones in the crypto space this weekend.

It stems form the rumour that Quentin Tarantino is considering bring back William Shatner (who is now 88 by the way) to star in his upcoming Star Trek film. Shatner announced that he’d love to reprise the role, and it would be a big return to film for him.

What’s that got to do with crypto?

Well, Shatner is well known for his interest in cryptocurrencies. He has even launched a startup to digitise valuable items. It is called Third Millennia and it will enable people to use the Mattereum protocol. Mattereum is a blockchain solution for authenticity and legal ownership bolstered by the blockchain. Shatner even calls fellow crypto enthusiasts “Cryptonians.” Very Star Trek!

Furthermore, Shatner wrote a Star Trek spin-off series called Tek Wars, which was adapted for television in the early 1990s. In the opening episode of the show, the digital currency of the Star Trek universe plays a prominent role.

Shatner has also been involved in a mining operation in Illinois. When he abbounced this, several Star Trek fans tweeted their approval, including one who posted: “In the tiny crypto world, where even many self-proclaimed “blockchain experts” are faking it, we’ve been thrilled to see you engage earnestly and openly with the same cutting edge that Kirk might have displayed. You have truly made us all smile this week, sir #ShatnerHODL

Francois Aure at CCN explains why Shatner’s return to the screen could be good for crypto: “Reinvigorating Shatner’s acting career would be good for his blockchain projects and the broader crypto industry. Even if there is no mention whatsoever of crypto in Tarantino’s Star Trek, there is still likely to be a discernible benefit for digital currency due to William Shatner’s rising profile in the space. A spotlight on Shatner is essentially a spotlight on cryptocurrency.”

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