The success potential of NEO+ONE

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Neo has been improving its infrastructure with the development of new dApps, and now NEO+ONE has come along, it should gain even more momentum.

The aim of NEO+ONE is to engage more people with the NEO platform, which wants to make coding, testing, and deployment of NEO dApps a lot more straightforward and enjoyable. It also provides an end-to-end framework for startups and aspiring developers alike, which as JP Buntinx says at The Merkle, is “rather interesting” and worth keeping an eye on.

How does NEO+ONE work?

The platform lets users write idiomatic TypeScript smart contracts, which will look and behave like more advanced TypeScript programmes. Furthermore, users will be able to test their smart contracts by using intuitive client API.

It is all about being the most “approachable” platform for blockchain and dApp developments. It offers interactive courses in bit-sized chunks that should engage more professional sand enthusiasts alike. Plus, the built-in editor should make it very easy for developers to get everything done through one interface, rather than having to multitask.

NEO+ONE also offers a way for users to access everything from their browser. Users will not have to download any software or install specific tools, as everything can be done online. This will make it easy for anyone to experiment with NEO’s technology and plenty of information resources to provide backup help.

NEO+ONE has been 12 months in development and it will most likely evolve over time to be even better. According to the team, their plan is to collaborate with the NEO Global Development to implement more network features and enable main-net smart contract functionality. Overall, it’s a very interesting project for NEO and it will be interesting to see how it performs going forward.

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