Token reward system for rail travellers

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The Go-Ahead Group PLC, a UK-based public transport company, is partnering with DOVU, a blockchain startup, to provide a tokenised reward system for travellers on the train, according to Techcrunch.

DOVU, which is London based, is a “marketplace for earning and spending mobility related rewards,” and aims to be “the global marketplace for transport data.” The startup received seed funding form InMotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover’s investment arm, and Creative England, a fund backed by the U.K. government.

According to the Techcrunch report, DOVU’s founder and CEO, Irfon Watkins wants to “use blockchain to provide trust for corporates or individuals in data sets for public and enterprise use.” It also wants to create a distributed marketplace for transport data as mentioned earlier, and this would mean “vehicle hire firms, insurance companies, ridesharing and others could be connected to create a network of transport-related data resources.”

Go-Ahead, which currently runs more than one billion passenger journeys annually on its bus and train services, plans to use DOVU’s blockchain-powered reward platform to learn more about its customers and to incentivise changes in passenger behaviour.

For example, Go-Ahead’users will be able to “earn” cryptocurrency when they share their travel data. The tokens they receive are similar to points on a loyalty card. In this case, the token becomes a kind of loyalty tracking device.

Techcrunch comments: “If data is “the oil of the new economy,” as the consultants like to call it, then it’s clear that transport users are poised to become the new oil miners.”

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