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Blockchain technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and one of them is the tokenisation of assets that in the past were deemed ‘illiquid’. This simply means that the value of an asset cannot easily be transferred from one place or owner to another.

That’s why historically we have used money in the form of legal tender to allow a flow of value. It is a means of exchange that is far more flexible than the barter system; the latter only works if two parties in a deal each have something the other actually wants.

However, the legal tender of each country is not without its own drawbacks. Its value fluctuates based on national reserve bank policies and trends in global usage. We all accept the given value of the dollar, pound or euro on any given day, and some days that money buys more, on others less. It is also an asset that can be traded, or exchanged for other assets.


But, there are other assets that have value: works of art, gemstones and property all have an intrinsic value, but are difficult to trade or exchange because they are not fungible. In economics, fungibility is the property of a good or a commodity whose individual units are essentially interchangeable. For example, it is extremely difficult to directly trade a Monet for a Matisse, but you can trade one bar of gold for another of an equal weight.

However, tokens have the potential to change this for ‘illiquid’ assets. This means that people who have this type of asset, but little cash, could trade in them without having to sell them.

Tokens can offer a share in something physical, making them similar to a share in an asset. And this is where the blockchain technology plays a vital role: the distributed ledger technology plus smart contracts, and the fact that the blochchain is transparent and immutable makes fractional ownership of an asset possible, and in real-time.

It could work for property. Suppose you own a property but need cash. Tokenising the property would allow you to fractionalise the value of the property, i.e. you could sell shares in it. An artist or a musician could do the same with their work. Some are already doing this; take a look at Mycelia.

Tokenisation can, and most likely will, change the way we think about the ownership of potentially anything, from goats to works of art and more.

Lendo’s ELT token

Lendo’s ELT token gives you a new way to access and manage your crypto assets. It will also give you IBAN accounts, a credit/debit card and a merchant payment system for those who want it. And it will give you Loyalty Rewards by distributing 30% of Vault fee revenues in ELT, pro-rata to their holding and the total number of tokens in circulation. There will also be a global exchange and e-wallet in what is planned to be a complete crypto banking and financial system with the tokens listed on a major exchange.

Find out more at — and join the Lendo token ecosystem.

A blockchain platform that will take banking to another level

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