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Distributed applications, shortened to dApps, are a cornerstone of the crypto ecosystem. The following dApps, as compiled by The Merkle proved to be extremely popular in 2018, as measured by their trading volume, even though they are all somewhat niche at the moment.


This decentralised exchange is popular with those crypto fans that are horrified by the idea of a centralised exchange. IDEX is the most popular one on the ethereum blockchain.


Another decentralised exchange, or DEX, ForkDelta has 653 active users, which is considered an impressive number.


The popularity of dApps in the gambling industry can’t be underestimated and tend to quickly gain traction with consumers. FCK remains the most popular betting app on the Ethereum network. It has 443 active users and 4m350 ETH in volume. As the dApp continues to grow, Buntinx wonders if the “betting dApps are the use cases the industry needs to get mainstream traction.”


Another betting dApp, and this time it is a dice game run on the ethereum blockchain. Dice games have a strong appeal, so expect to see this one grow.


Another decentralised exchange and this one is in the Top 6 with an estimated community of 110,580 users. However, not all of them are active; Buntinx suggests only around 200 are making transactions, but it is still a competitor for IDEX and ForkDelta.

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