Watch out for Trezor fakes!

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Trezor, the crypto hardware wallet provider, is warning its customers about a new method thieves are using to steal crypto from hardware wallets.

Trezor is chiefly known for its Trezor One and Trezor Model T wallets, made a statement saying that “unscrupulous individuals” have been distributing “one-to-one copies of Trezor One,” and using them as a means to steal people’s money and tarnish Trezor’s reputation, according to a post on Medium.

As it says, Trezor has been plagued by cloning before, but previous efforts by scammers have typically been marketed under a different brand name. However, this new scam is more startling, because this “fake Trezor tries to replicate the original to the bone.” It is in many ways similar to counterfeit brand clothing and perfumes.

One way to spot a fake Trezor the company advises, is the price; any steep discount should raise a red flag with consumers. It also said: “As soon as we learned about the existence of Trezor fakes, we have started to fervently pursue a number of legal and other steps to prevent those fakes from being produced and distributed, in order to protect you, our customers.”

How to spot a fake Trezor

Apart from price, there are other signs you are being sold a fake Trezor wallet. The company’s website urges buyers to check the hologram and provides visual evidence about the differences between the real and the fake at Additional advice says: “Fake holograms are often very similar to those used on our older packaging (Trezor packaging timeline). If you purchased your device in our shop or at one of the authorized resellers in 2017 or 2016, there are overwhelmingly big odds that there’s nothing to worry about and your device is genuine.”

Finally, Trezor says: “f you suspect you have bought a fake Trezor One device, do not use the device and contact our support immediately.”

To stay safe, only buy a Trezor One wallet at the Trezor shop, Amazon or official resellers. Be wary of buying from eBay, AliExpress, Taobao or unknown resellers .

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