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You may have heard of Jeremy Gardner, He’s the 27-year-old co-founder of Augur and the Blockchain Education Network. Now he is planning to become a reality TV star. He is perhaps best known by a wide audience as the main tenant of the “Crypto Castles,” an apartment in San Francisco and a mansion in Miami where blockchain industry heavyweights often sublet and party.

He is launching a self-funded YouTube series called the “Crypto Castle Chronicles.” It is produced by Adrian Basch, who used to be at Vice and is now a contributing producer on the CNBC Africa “Crypto Trader” show. According to Coindesk, Gardner is shopping around the TV networks in the hope one of them will host his show.

Gardner told Coindesk, “It offers real insight into entrepreneurship, startups, and fundraising, from a perspective that isn’t like Shark Tank.”

The New York Times as the “king” of the Crypto Castle apartment in San Francisco in a 2018 article about early bitcoin adopters getting “hilariously rich.”

Currentyl Gardenr is promoting his new lifestyle brand MadeMan, which has started by launching a skincare range. A film crew followed him around for two weeks as he pursued a Series A round, resulting in twelve 10-minute episodes that begin airing on YouTube next week.

“There’s never been educational reality TV,” Gardner told CoinDesk. In the series on YouTube you can watch Gardner talk to Anthony Pompliano, one of the big bitcoin bulls, and token guru Ian Balina.

Gardner told Coindesk that his goal for the show is to educate the masses about cryptocurrency through following his personal journey.

Gardner also mentioned that both Trump and the Kardashians had boosted their brands by being on reality TV, and he emphasised that he had no intention of trying to emulate them. His motivation is to use it as “a real mechanism for providing thoughtful entertainment for the masses in a way they feel most comfortable digesting.”

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