What and where is the Shadow Web?

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Yes, we know about the dark web, that hub of illegal (and legal) activity, but what and where is the Shadow Web where even murkier activity supposedly goes on.

As you may know, you can’t access the dark web via your standard browser and you wont find much of what is offered there via a Google search either. Basically, it is a place where both legal and illegal activities can take place without restrictions or repercussions.

However, according to The Merkle, the dark web is only the “top layer” of illegal activities, while the darkest content is hidden, submerged in layers below what is already an ‘alternative’ world. At least that is what the rumours say, and the Shadow Web is a rumour. The alleged content is stuff that few people in their right mind want to see, but like the dark web, there will always be someone with a dangerous level of desire to see the worst of human behaviour. And we mean THE WORST.

There is a logic to the fact that since bitcoin has been long associated with the dark web it therefore follows that it is associated with the Shadow Web. Indeed, there are websites on the dark web offering entrance to the Shadow Web in exchange for bitcoin. But here’s the thing — the Shadow Web is just a rumour and anyone offering entrance to it in exchange for cryptocurrency is running a scam. As The Merkle says, “That doesn’t mean it will never exist, but until it’s proven, any gateway to this hidden corner of the World Wide Web is fictitious.”

But there are some people who won’t let reality stand in the way of a good thing, resulting in some lively chats on Reddit. Of course, while it may (or may not) exist now, this doesn’t mean it won’t exist in the future.

Why is it important? Because it has the potential to further damage the reputation and adoption of cryptocurrencies.

How do you view the way the MSM repeatedly associates bitcoin with the dark web and criminal activity?

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