What would you buy with your crypto profits?

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There has been a lot of media talk claiming that those who have made large profits from their cryptocurrency investments, especially those who got in early when a bitcoin cost only a few dollars, are buying up supercars, with a Lamborghini being the brand of choice. However, a recent Lendo poll shows that this isn’t necessarily going to be the case forever.

When Lendo asked its social media followers about where they would put their profits, the answer was very clear: fifty percent would put it back into buying more cryptocurrrency, while the other fifty percent would put it into property. Nobody wanted a Lamborghini — not even one person.

How Lendo can help you buy a property

Lendo can help you put those crypto profits into property without you even having to sell your profitable crypto assets. You’ll be able to simply join Lendo and offer the digital currencies as collateral for the loan. The digital assets will be stored in Lendo’s high security vault for the duration of the loan. Borrowers will pay a small fee for the storage, which has to be paid in Lendo’s ELT tokens.

If you buy your ELT tokens now during the first phase of the ICO, they will only cost you €0.20 each. In the next phase they will go up to €0.40 and at the end of the ICO, they will be priced at €2.

So, by buying your tokens right now, you will be putting yourself in a strong position to obtain a Lendo loan towards a property and you’ll have the ELT tokens to pay your fees. Plus, the ELT you buy also counts as a digital asset you can use as collateral for a loan.

And, don’t forget this important fact: when you own ELT tokens you will get a quarterly payment in ELT, equal to the value of 30% of the vault fees pro rata the number of tokens you own. We hope that will persuade you to join the Lendo ICO today.

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