Who are the biggest crypto haters?

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We all know there are a few people out there who are ‘hatin’ on crypto’ as they say in the street. Some of them are probably people you know, but who amongst the biggest financial players is trying to stymie crypto and has enough influence to attract a lot of followers.

The tireless JP Buntinx at The Merkle has put together who he thinks are the biggest anti-crypto voices and here are his top four.

•Jamie Dimon

It had to be him at the top really. The JP Morgan Chase CEO has been belligerent in his attacks on crypto, in particular Bitcoin. He was the first to call it ‘a bubble’ and also called anyone who owned Bitcoin “stupid.” He has called it a ‘scheme’ that will be crushed by governments and given that JPMorgan Chase has postponed its Bitcoin trading desk plans, it seems unlikely the bank will start trading with digital currencies any time soon, unless Jamie Dimon suddenly changes his views.

•Tidjane Thiam

The CEO of Credit Suisse is similar to Dimon and heads up a similarly massive financial institution that favours tradition over the kind of innovation that crypto offers. He has claimed that Bitcoin is only designed to “make money” and nothing else.

•Severin Cabannes

Severin Cabannes, the deputy CEO at Society Generale SA, and another of the people in the “Bitcoin is in a bubble” camp. You can see the trend here: big financial institutions shying away from the intangible.

•Themis Trading Group

Themis had more or less nothing to say about Bitcoin or crypto until the CME Group launched its Bitcoin futures. Then the gloves came off and Themis said CME had “caved into client demand” and also talked up the idea that “Bitcoin was an instrument subject to plenty of fraud and manipulation.”

Thankfully, there are plenty of people who don’t listen to these crypto haters. One day they will have to eat their words, just like those people who denied the world was round.

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