Why aren’t people using dApps?

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Fluence Labs, a decentralised data aggregator, has published a survey that highlights the primary problem with dApps: not enough people use them.

The dApp industry started on the ethereum blockchain in 2017 and has reached around 1,800 products, according to DappRadar, which lists the ones available. Whilst Tron and EOS blockchains have also become dApp hosts, etehereum still controls around 87% of products. Fluence also noted in its study that of the 900 projects they found that had contacts available, only 160 projects filled out their survey.

The problem most developers face is that demand for their products is low. “New user onboarding was mentioned by more than three quarters of the respondents as the major obstacle to adoption,” Fluence reported as being a key finding in its study.

Cointelegraph points out that part of the problem was revealed last year when the top five DApps by value were shown to have included projects that were open scams, often designed as a joke rather than a genuine product offering. Although this trend has changed, the appetite for dApps doesn’t seem to have increased.

Fluence commented, “One of the common beliefs in the blockchain ecosystem is that scalability is the first and major hurdle that any blockchain-based application will face,” and produced the following data: “On the contrary, DApp developers responded that their biggest current pain points were ‘limited number of users’ (67%) and ‘poor user experience’ (44%).”

During the research, Fluence also found a problem with a lack of understanding of the distinctions between crypto and DApps, and quoted Cryptokitties: “[One thing we hadn’t anticipated was that we would need to be] helping people understand that CryptoKitties are not a cryptocurrency.”

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