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Fans of both crypto and football can now enjoy both together. The soft launch of CryptoStrikers into the crypto collectibles market (think CryptoKitties) brings tokens of the stars of this year’s World Cup in Russia to the masses.

CryptoStrikers is the latest example of something called an NFT, or a non-fungible token, a term that is fast becoming the big ‘buzzword’ on the blockchain.

These tokens are nothing like the typical token and since CryptoKitties became a phenomenon, NFTs are turning into one of 2018’s big things.

Status, one of last year’s biggest initial coin offerings (ICOs), is backing CryptoStrikers. Ben Morris of Status said: “By providing radical transparency of ownership and authenticity through the use of smart contracts, CryptoStrikers has enhanced the experience of collecting sports cards.”

What is an NFT?

The difference between a Bitcoin and an NFT is this: one Bitcoin has the same value as another Bitcoin (it is fungible), whereas, each NFT can have a different value. For example, each token (whether it represents a cat or a soccer player) has different attributes that its home website’s software uses to generate the look of its avatar — including hair colour, nose shape, outfits, age and rarity.

Arianna Simpson of Autonomous Partners believes that NFTs are the tokens most likely to take crypto into the mainstream. She said: “ I believe gaming and non-fungible blockchain-based assets will be some of the first consumer applications that really hit mainstream. It’s also incredibly cool that something like 25 percent of their user base are people who had never held ether before.”

Currently, CryptoStrikers offers two different packs of four cards. The standard pack sells for 0.025 ETH and will go off the market on July 15. The premium pack (there are only 500 of these packs available) is more likely to contain very rare cards and went up for sale on May 14 for 0.05 ETH.

Which CryptoStriker would you want to buy, and which stars do you predict are in the rare card packs?

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