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XRP is bouncing back following small losses. Over the past 24 hours, the XRP value has risen again by five percent. This is a positive sign, especially as most of the other top cryptocurrencies are not seeing the same momentum just yet. XRP has also gained some lost value against Bitcoin.

The Merkel points out that the way of purchasing XRP with fiat has changed a bit and this is something to keep an eye on. For example, the BitBay platform is no longer offering its XRP/PLN trading, which is a small setback.

On a more positive note, a new exchange is adding XRP trading to its list of available services. Mercado Bitcoin, a prominent Latin American trading platform, will introduce XRP trading in the next day or so. However, it is not yet clear if it will offer immediate fiat currency pair-based trading.

Speculators and traders remain on the fence as to what will happen to XRP. It is rumoured that they expect a major bounce that could take XRP to $1 in the near future. According to JP Buntinx, this is not out of the question given the market circumstances. However, he adds that this will apply to all cryptocurrencies, not just to XRP.

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